A tower defense set at a microscopic level. Play as a specie's immune system and survive for as long as possible! Increasingly difficult levels and strands of diseases and germs try to invade, included, but not not limited to: Black Mold, Round Worm, Testicular Cancer, Covid-19,  Small Pox, Rabies and Bronchogenic Carcinoma!

With dynamic pathfinding, mazing is now back on the menu! Just like the good old classic days of Warcraft 3's tower defenses! Currently supports 3 species and 5 levels.

I hope you enjoy my very first game and if you don't please send me a message with some feedback!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAulden Carter
Made withUnity
Tagscell, cells, corona, covid-19, defense, tower, Tower Defense


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Hey, are you still interested in the game? Maybe, it'll be useful for you https://gamesupply.itch.io/100-virus-items

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I like it. I played 2 levels at the moment and prefer play without the music (it's not bad but annoying me after some LONG time. It seems it's only one and will never change) and without post-processing because of it's so bright for me.

Also, I noticed some bugs or strange things:

  • I can place towers on "walls" (they can be killed ^^);
  • Two 3 levels when I select a level in the menu.
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Oh man! Thanks for your feedback and thanks for trying the game out! I can't believe that i missed the double level 3, i must be blind...

Fixed the double 3 levels.